New Apartment

Moving to a new place always brings smiles to my face.  Sure, there’ll be the physical pain of packing, moving, and unpacking.  However, new place also represents a blank canvas (well, sometime half blank, if moving in with someone who already lives there) for making it my own.

I got lucky with this most recent move.  I had moved into a great apartment… an empty apartment with a guy who loves me a lot that gives me tons of freedom to do what I want with the space.   🙂

He helps me paint the walls, move furniture pieces around like a puzzle, and let me drag him around to garage sales & flea markets.  He also gets lots of bonus credits for not flipping out when I put flower & butterfly stickers in the water closet.  Yep, our apartment has so much charm that it needs its own water closet.  No sink, just the toilet.

To begin, here is what the blank canvas looks like:

-Living Room –

Living room Living room looking into dining room & door to kitchen

-Dining Room-

Dining Room


Picture 009


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