Repurposing IKEA shoe rack


  • Old shoe shelf – $0


  • 20-30 minutes of measuring, cutting, and installing.

Bottom of our pantry has this large space with no shelf.  While it’ll be very useful to hold rice sacks large enough to feed a village, we are not really in the market of buying such item.  Most of other tall condiments and oddly shaped bottles still don’t fully utilize the height of the space.  Unfortunately, my trials of bringing home different racks & baskets from The Container store (a.k.a. Mango’s happy place) haven’t worked out so far.  Time to make our own solution instead of buying one.

flowRoot3311 ClearStackingBins_xl.jpg OurBasicStackBasket_xl.jpg

I had an old shoe rack from IKEA like this, which I had previously spray painted red. My willing partner-in-crime said to me: “let’s cut it”.   He took out the electric saw, ruler, pencil, and went to work.  The 4 support pieces got attached to the sides of the pantry.  The two shelves were cut down to size to sit on top of the new side rails.

Tada!  Now we have shelves in the large, unused spa to store containers!

shoe shelf in pantry (1) shoe shelf in pantry


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