Painting dining chairs & bench


  • $6/chair + $35 for the bench
  • $0 for paint -> left over from painting the wine boxes.


  • less than an hour

We have a space in our new apartment that neither one of us ever had before – Dining room!

After the shock & surprise of having extra room in the apartment, the very next question was naturally… What do we do with it???

Luckily, we were able to find a non-IKEA dining table and a cool bench/coffee table on Craigslist, and a couple of nicely shaped wood chairs at Goodwill store.  I had stained the pieces first, but it didn’t turn out well at all 😦  Dining chairs (1)

I decided to use the remaining paint from the wood wine boxes to continue the dark brown furniture theme around the house.  After the expected sanding, cleaning, and painting, now we have seating around dining table that looked like they were from the same place.

Next is to figure out if I want to do something wiht the dining tbale itself…


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