Reupholster Basic Chair


  • $0 for chair (already had)
  • $0 for paint (left-over)
  • $3 fabric from garage sale
  • $9 staple gun


  • 2 hours

This chair has been in my bf’s family for many years.  In fact, he recalled the time the chair was last reupholstered when his older sister owned it in college.  Well, that was 10+ years ago.  As you can see, the fabric is torn as some place, and the print on the fabric, well, is not exactly what I see working for our new place.  (For anyone that knows me, you can see that ‘French country’ isn’t quite my style).

I’ve been wanting to practice upholstering for a while, and this is a great starting point.  I’ve watched tutorial videos online.  This seems like a very straight forward project.  Slowly, I purchased my first staple gun. *yay!*  and found a large amount of fabric I like at a garage sale.

Step 1: remove the cushion from the chair.  It was held together by 3 long screws.

Step 2: sand the chair with sand paper/block & wipe down with damp towel.

Step 3: Paint the wood chair frame itself with black paint.  Unfortunately, this was ‘rust resistant’ paint with LOTS of odor.  yuck.  Beggers can’t be choosers, I suppose.

Reupholster chair (9)

Step 4: Remove the fabric from cushion.  There were many staples on it that was quite time consuming to rip the fabric off of. 

Step 5: cut the new fabric to a shape bigger than the cushion.  Line up the cushion on top of fabric.

Step 6: start stapling the fabric onto the cushion.  The corners are a little tricky.  It took me some arranging & rearranging to grab the fabric in the way that it had the least amount of folds.  Reupholster chair (1)

Step 7: put the finished cushion back on the painted chair [when the chair has dried completely].  Screw the long screws back in.  and Viola!


One thought on “Reupholster Basic Chair

  1. Christa says:

    The chair looks SO much better! I always thought it was the ugliest chair. (It was randomly spotted on the side of the road on Rosemead Blvd.) And the fabric was a remnant of my mom’s (I think?). It looks great! I would never have thought it could have such a great new life! Yay!

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