First try on decoupage


  • $5 for mod podge
  • $0 for paint, wrapping paper, and drawers/shelf (left over)


  • about 30 min.

I originally got this item from a neighbor who was packing up after their garage sale.  They didn’t want to carry it home, and I thought I could do something interesting with it.

First, I followed the instructions found on the internet.  I wiped the chest(?) down, applied mod podge on top. Then I put some at the back side of my wrapping paper and carefully applied it.  I thought this was going to be a very straight forward simple project.  However, the paper started to bubble up quickly no matter how much I tried to smooth out the surface.   I tried pushing with my fingers, ruler, and credit card.  It was no use.  The surface still looked quite blotchy. Like this ->

Oh yuck.  That was ugly.

So I removed it and contemplated what to do.  Luckily, on the same day, Whimsygirl gave me a roll of “wall paper” from Target.  I figured I’d try decoupage again with thicker paper.

That stuck better.  1st decoupage (6)

Then I painted the front of the drawers brown with left over brown paint.  1st decoupage (11)


One thought on “First try on decoupage

  1. YC says:

    price per foot huh? too funny. reminds me of a fabric buying incident way back when. I asked for a quarter of a yard and the lady insisted that she could not sell me a quarter of a yard but she could sell me one fourth of a yard.

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