Small Chalk board in the kitchen


  • $0 for plywood board (picked up at a winery somewhere)
  • $0 for paint (left-over + generous donation from friend)
  • $0.25 for wood to make holder (guy at store felt that he couldn’t just give it to me for free)


  • <1 hours

I’ve been wanting a chalk board since I’ve read various blog posts about other people’s.  My friend, M, made a huge one in her own dining room and had some left over paint.  She was nice to offer it to me.

Then, I wanted a place to hold the chalks.  I kind of envisioned a pretty simple thing, so I got a simple piece of wood from a store that I won’t list its name.  I thought I had paid too much for the amount of wood I got, and it was basically part of their scrap pile.

In any case, I wiped the plywood board clean first.  One of the sides was fairly smooth, so I didn’t bother sanding it.  However, I did have to cut it to fit in a panel that in the kitchen.

Chalkboard (2)

Then, I began to paint 2 coats of chalk paint on the board.  I waited until the 1st coat dried before applying the 2nd.  Quite pleased with the result.

The scrap wood was too wide/long for the width of the board, so more sawing.  The saw was not very easy to use.  It vibrated quite a bit, and I couldn’t hold on to the wood too well.  The cut line could’ve been much smoother, but I guess it has a more ‘rustic’ look to it.  Then I painted it with left over light blue paint.

Lastly, I painted on some “vine & leaves” on the top of the plywood board where there was a small crack.  I looked REALLY HARD for a stencil pattern online but couldn’t find any.  After debating for a long while between making my own stencil board first vs. free hand the design, I decided to go free hand.  Well, in all honesty, the result is pretty… from afar’.  I hope no one examine it too closely when they look at it.  Rather, I hope people will just be impressed by the fact that I MADE a chalkboard. :p

Attached the “chalk holder” to the bottom of the board, and nailed the board to the wall.  Here we have a chalk board in the kitchen!

Chalkboard (11)

and a zoomed-out look:


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