Small table/shelf for the Water Closet


  • $3 or $0… part of a large chunk of stuff I got from a guy in a moving sale

  • $0 for paint (left-over )


  • <1 hour

A new feature in this apartment that I never had in any previous apartments was the separate bathroom (with tub and sink) and water closet (just the toilet).  I was told it is a very “San Francisco” and “charming” characteristics.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I bring reading materials when I “do my business”.  There’s got to be a place to set down the materials when you need to.  However, with our small space, it needs to be something with small foot print.

SO, I’ve been on a search for that perfect little table.  Finally, over the past weekend, I found it in a moving sale!

Small blue stand (1)

It was used outdoor with planters on top of it.  There was quite a bit of rust, especially on the tray.

Small blue stand (2)

After cleaning & painting, ta-da!

Small blue stand (4) Small blue stand (3)

I left the pole section the original color to provide a little contrast.  Now we have  a little “table” in the water closet! 🙂

Small blue stand (5)


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