Hanging Wine Labels

Yay for another post, finally!

Since the wine collection slowly expands in our apartment, I realized there was no good way to know much about the wine by just looking at the bottle.  Most likely, there isn’t any information on the bottle itself, and sometimes the bottles would come with a nice write-up that’s on another sheet of paper.  With storing our wine in boxes stashed inside of our wall closet to keep them cool,  locating the bottle itself AND the write-up paper can often be very laborious.  I always thought there has to be an easier way to do it and finally I had the ‘ah-ha’ moment.  This is a fun, quick weekend project.


  • $0 for old, unused hanging folders & shipping stickers
  • $0 for screwdriver, needle, strings


  • 1.5 hour

I found some old hanging folders in my overly crowded stationary box and old UPS shipping stickers.

09 025

Step 1: Creating custom size labels using MS Word.

Using the Envelope & Label function, you can create new labels, specifying the size you want.  I went with 2″W x 3″H.  After setting the label size template, I searched for the fonts & icons I want.  Fonts are such fun things to browse through 🙂

I also wanted simple, clean wine glasses icons on my label so I can tell if it’s a red or white wine without pulling the bottles all the way out from the storage boxes.  Then type in the information.  I used the write-up that already came with the bottles, and/or information I found online.  Mostly, I wanted to know about “what it will taste like”, “drink it now or open it when I turn 40?”

Step 2:  Print labels, attach onto old folders, and cut out the individual labels

This is a pretty straight forward step.  Use your imagination. 🙂

Step 3:  Drill 2 holes for the string to go through

I used a small screwdriver for this.

Step 4:  Use a needle to thread the string through.  Tie knots on the back of the holes

Insert from the back side of the label to the front.  Tie the first knot on the back side.  Then go back through the 2nd hole.  Adjusting to the desired length, then tie the 2nd knot.  Cut off excess.

09 010

Step 5:  Put the label on the bottle.



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