Toilet Paper Rolls turned wall art

I saw this post on Design *Sponge of this quick project from Tali and thought I can use some home made art to decorate my wall space 🙂


  • $0 for toilet paper rolls.  This wasn’t hard but just time consuming to gather all the rolls
  • $0 for scissors, pen, ruler, paint, glue, staple that I already had


  • 2 hour

Step 1: Collect your rolls and take off the remaining toilet paper pieces

Step 2:  cut each roll to roughly 5 equal parts

Step 3:  arrange the pieces in different patterns.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it, so I just started to play around.

Step 4:  painting the rolls with different colors.

I glued some of the mini rolls together first before I started painting.  That wasn’t too smart.  I would’ve been better off with my paint job if I had painted the rolls first, cut them, then arrange into the pattern I want, then glue them.

Step 5:  After glue and paint had dried, I used thumb tags to arrange the rolls on the wall.

A month later…


3 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Rolls turned wall art

  1. mangoslifedesign says:

    Thanks. And the rolls collection continues; you should check back in a few months and see how much it grows. 🙂

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