Home-made Glühwein (German mulled wine) packets

Mulled wine, variations of which are popular around the world, is wine, usually red, combined with spices and typically served warm. (quoted from Wikipedia)

I was first introduced to glühwein when studying abroad in Germany in a fall.  As the holiday season approached, I started going to craft/gift fairs and many were held outdoor.  The aroma of cinnamon, orange, wine, and the warmth of a hot drink in hand was a great companion to browse through the stands in the cold.

This holiday season, I wanted to introduce some of my L.A. friends to this drink.


  • $4 for 60 tea packets
  • $10 for all spices purchased
  • $0 for twine, business card papers already had.


  • about 2 hours for 15 packets.  Faster once mastered the work flow

Step 1: lining up the raw materials.

The packets were sold originally to contain loose tea leaves so that drinkers can make their own tea bags without having to deal with the mess of loose leaves in the mug.

The spices I wanted to include were: whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and dried orange peels.

Step 2:  I used AVERY Business Cards 8376 that I would print instructions on.

I found this really cute printable tag from Ez of Creature Comfort blog.  I used one side for the gift recipient and the other for the instructions on how to use this packet.

Then I cut out each tag to shape and drilled a hole on top to tied one end of the twine.  I then attached another end to the packet.

Step 3:  Stuff all spices into the packets.

To use it, you basically will steep this packet in inexpensive red wine, water, and sugar on low heat for a while.  For extra flavor, add fresh orange slices+juice, and splash or brandy.

Step 4: I gathered few packets into 1 colored mesh bag to be given away as presents.


3 thoughts on “Home-made Glühwein (German mulled wine) packets

    • mangoslifedesign says:

      Great idea. It would make a great merchandise display next to TJ’s 2 Buck Chuck. Know any buyer? I can totally pretty up the packaging. :p

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