harmonizing bedroom dressers and night stands

Part of the fun/charm of moving in with a partner for the first time is the combing of your worldly possessions that, often, don’t match.  Between the 2 of us, we managed to have 2 night stands and 2 dressers.  Every one of them had its own style & color.  I’ve wanted to do something about it for a long while now.

Finally, I decided to pickup 2 shades of blue paint in the same family so they will look cohesive, without being overly matchy.


  • $24 for paint
  • $3 for sand paper
  • $0 for old dressers and night stands


  • small night stands took about 1.5-2 hours EACH!  sanding really took a while.
  • dressers took about 2-4 hours each with all the sanding, prepping, and painting.

-room before-

-night stands: before-

-night stands: after-

-Night stand #1 & #2 + Dresser #1 & #2-


One thought on “harmonizing bedroom dressers and night stands

  1. Christa says:

    I love this! They look great. I love how they “go” but don’t “match.” I need to paint Annalise’s dresser and desk in her room, but I’m scared to start! You’ll have to give me some advice the next time you’re down! I’m thinking of doing hers in white so that she can change the color of the walls and her bedding, but she can keep the desk and dresser as is.

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