Thanksgiving table decoration with DIY moss balls in tin cans


  • $4 for 6 moss balls
  • $2.5 for raffia ribbon wrap
  • $4 for floral wires
  • $1.95 x 6 for tiny tin cans (not pictured)
  • $2 for a square floral sponge

moss balls, floral wire, ribbon wrap

My plan was going for a rustic look with natural elements.  I picked up a bunch of materials from Michael’s Stores to test out my creativity.  I placed red loose moss strands at the bottom of the vases and on the table as base.  Candles are placed inside the vases, and real small pumpkins and squashes, on top of the moss.

pumpkin, candle, moss ball

Lastly, I created my DIY project.  Each moss ball was attached to the floral wire, which happened to be green.  Then I insert each ball-on-wire piece into each tin.  There is pieces of floral sponge that’s inserted inside of the tiny tins.  Lastly, I cut pieces of ribbons and wrapped them around the moss balls.

DIY art-moss ball

This is what the finished look right before dinner time.

Thanksgiving table decoration

Thanksgiving table decoration


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