Make a planter out of used tin can


  • $0 left-over tin can (Christmas gift – caramel popcorn!)
  • $0 painter’s blue tape
  • $0 left over spray paint
  • $4.2 4 QT. potting soil + fertilizer

HA.  I knew there was a project waiting to be made out of the tin of popcorn that I received as a Christmas present.  Of course,  the popcorn was the present, NOT the tin can.

Step 1: Measure the same distance from one edge of the can, make marks, and use painter’s tape to circle around the tin.  The plan was to let the original green of the tin to show through.  I taped 3 rows of the tape to reach the desired width.

Step 2:  Spray paint the pearl-white paint all around.  I suspended the can to make sure none of the sides/edges touch anything while drying.

Step 3:  Use very-fine wool spool I had to sand off the surface to make sure smooth surface.

Step 4:  Pull off the tapes.

Step 5:  Inspect progress.  Ah, the painter’s tape line wasn’t perfect.  There was some dripping.

spray paint tin can

Step 6:  Create drainage holes at the bottom with a hammer and a nail.  Since the popcorn tin wasn’t very thick, there was not need for power drill.  bummer.

Step 7:  Time to fill up!  I put down 1 layer of stones, followed by the potting soil.  Lastly, put the 2 plants as desired and fill in the rest of the space with more potting soil.

OLYMPUS tin can turned planterCAMERA


2 thoughts on “Make a planter out of used tin can

    • diana t. says:

      Thanks! I was happy to finally have a use for the empty green tin can that has been taking up room in my pantry.

      How did you clean out your paint cans to reuse them?

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