Writing essays about myself hasn’t always been my strong suit.  Therefore, I decided to invent another person to interview myself. 🙂

Q:  Isn’t Mango a fruit?

A:  Yes, it is, and it’s my favorite.  It is also a nickname I got from wearing a shirt that has the word “mango” printed on the front years ago.

Q:  What’s this blog about?

A:  I’ve never been a crafty person, even though I enjoy looking at other people’s pretty designs.  After moving to San Francisco, the desire to actually try making things with my hands started to build.

This blog is my journal to keep track of these experiments, errors, and triumphs.  The projects don’t always come out perfect, but through these mistakes and success, it shows DIY really doesn’t have to intimidating.  Everyone can be an artist.

Q:  Where do you get inspirations from?

I often find the adrenaline rush and itchy fingers to make things when I am out for walks.  There are so many inspirational things around if you pay a bit more attention to the buildings, flowers, and stores.

Q:  What is your “dream” project?

I would love to have the opportunity and the budget to play interior designer for someone.


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