Decoupaging our own Christmas tree topper star

This year marked our 1st year spending Christmas on our own, without plans to be with our families across the country.  We decided to get to a tree.  Surprisingly, tree toppers are hard to buy around here.  Well, maybe that and we procrastinated our tree shopping until a week prior to the holiday.

Therefore, we’re making our own tree top!


  • $7.50 for cardboard star
  • $3 for red tissue paper
  • $0.99 for 2 glitter pens
  • $0 mod podge – already owned
  • $0 exacto knife

cardboard star, tissue paper, glitter pen

Step 1:
use exacto knife to cut one hole where the top of tree will go into.  See the circle in picture.

Step 2:
take a whole sheet of tissue paper, fold it multiple times to roughly the size of 2 star sides.  Cut tissue paper to a little bigger than a side triangle.

Step 3:
brush on the thin all-purpose glue (mod-podge), then affix the cut triangle papers onto all sides of star.

if you’re an accomplished decoupage-r, this will be very easy for you.  My 1st project didn’t work out as well.  Hopefully, 2nd time will be the charm for me. 🙂

Step 4: 
slowly apply all paper pieces onto the star.  Go around the whole star for 2 layers.  After both layers dried, apply mod podge all over the star to create a shiny exterior.

Step 5: 
apply drops of glitter pen (which is basically glue in a tube with glitter)

The glitter drops will take a while to dry.  Be patient.  Don’t move the star around too much.

decoupaged star with glitter drops

Step 6: 
Position the star on top of the tree and enjoy!

decoupaged red star


First try on decoupage


  • $5 for mod podge
  • $0 for paint, wrapping paper, and drawers/shelf (left over)


  • about 30 min.

I originally got this item from a neighbor who was packing up after their garage sale.  They didn’t want to carry it home, and I thought I could do something interesting with it.

First, I followed the instructions found on the internet.  I wiped the chest(?) down, applied mod podge on top. Then I put some at the back side of my wrapping paper and carefully applied it.  I thought this was going to be a very straight forward simple project.  However, the paper started to bubble up quickly no matter how much I tried to smooth out the surface.   I tried pushing with my fingers, ruler, and credit card.  It was no use.  The surface still looked quite blotchy. Like this ->

Oh yuck.  That was ugly.

So I removed it and contemplated what to do.  Luckily, on the same day, Whimsygirl gave me a roll of “wall paper” from Target.  I figured I’d try decoupage again with thicker paper.

That stuck better.  1st decoupage (6)

Then I painted the front of the drawers brown with left over brown paint.  1st decoupage (11)