diana’s home-made earrings – the blue series

Whenever I pull out my jewelry-making box, I can’t make just one.

First up, this is a pair of “beads” (the big blue with gold dots part) I found a Alameda Antique Market that I’ve been wanting to make earrings out of.  I finally did!  I imagine they’ll go well with a vintage dress.  What do you think?

DIY, blue & gold,

Then, I have something a bit more modern.  I’m noticing a ‘Blue & Gold’ theme here.  Hmm…  I might need to come up with something “Cardinal & Gold” to balance it out?  hmm…

diana tsu creation

Lastly, I made a necklace.  There’s something about combing a circular object and tear drop shape that appealed to me.  So this doesn’t fit within the “blue” theme.  Oh well.

diana tsu


corkboard jewelry display / organizer

Smaller apartment means new set of challenge on how I can store & organize my jewelry.  Continuing with my previous theme of “needing to see everything to remember wearing everything”, I decided to make something else for my new bedroom.


  • $o for old cork board
  • $0 for old acrylic paint, paint brush
  • $0 for old fabric head band that I no longer use
  • $0 for little screw hooks I already used for old hanging jewelry boxes.

diy, jewelry organizer

Step 1:  mix colors & paint the boarder of the board.  I wanted a deep grey to mimic other metallic frames in the room.

Step 2:  cut head band to pieces & take out the screw hooks.

Step 3:  position the fabric strips with thumb nails.  Insert the screw hooks. 

A word of advice – take an inventory of what you have and how you’d want to organize them first before you start putting things on the board.  Otherwise, you might find yourself pulling and re-inserting.


Step 4:  hang your beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Hanging jewelry boxes made from old picture frames


  • $0 for picture frames (already had)
  • $4 for wrapping paper
  • ~$8 for all screw hooks
  • $5 for spray paint


  • about an hour including dry time

I originally saw the idea from the now-not-in-publication Blueprint magazine.  (aw, how I miss it.)

I had some basic IKEA frames from before that I no longer use.  While choosing frames, you’d want one that has some depth.  The shallow frames that you usually see in stores don’t work as well.  Find something that’s like the “shadow box” or “display box”.

Step 1: wipe the original frame clean.  If you don’t like the original color, paint it with something that works with your paper color/pattern.  I spray painted mine red.

Step 2: take out the cardboard backings that came with the frames.

Step 3: cut the wrapping paper to slightly bigger than the cardboard backing.  Wrap the cardboard and secure it with tape, like you’re wrapping a present.

Step 4: screw in the hooks on the front side.  Place them at spaces that work for your jewelry lengths and widths.

Accessories shadow box (4)

Step 5: put the finished cardboard backs into the frames.  Then hang them on the wall!

I put my next to the mirror above my dressing, so I have the whole area like my vanity. 🙂