DIY shower curtain fix for small stall

Our Boston apartment is small but we love it anyway.  However, bathroom is one place that we try to spend as little time in as possible.  Not only it’s so small that it doesn’t fit a tub, the shower is a stand-alone stall so tiny that we can’t even find any pre-made shower curtains that fits.  Everything’s too wide and too long.

Having shower curtain too wide for it is not that big of a deal.  Its being too long means the bottom of the curtain is stuck inside the shower stall floor and stays wet for extended period of time.


  • $15 for shower (stall-size) curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • $0 for rocks
  • $0 for thread & needle.

Step 1:  Measure the extra length to be cut off

Step 2:  Cut off the Extra length & sew

My plan is not only to cut off the extra length, but also to add some weight at the bottom to keep the curtain inside of the stall to prevent water spill.

Step 3:  load rocks

You can see that sewing isn’t my strength, but it gets the job done.  Every few inches, I’d put the rock inside and sew around the rock.

Step 4:  hang the curtain back.  Ta da!