1st treasure hunt at Alameda Point Antiques & Collectables Faire

For many months, I’ve been wanting to check out Alameda antique faire/flea market, which happens once a month.

It was such a HUGE market with much to see.   I’m quite bummed that I didn’t bring a camera because our weirdest sighting included a space suit!

Finally after walking around for 3 hours with my willing partner-in-crime, we picked up a few items to add to our space.

1)  Buttercup Federalist Ironstone dish:  serving bowl?

2)  cute small stool with reupholstered top

3)  decanter:  it’s where our gin calls home now

4)  vanity table – pictures to come


Hanging jewelry boxes made from old picture frames


  • $0 for picture frames (already had)
  • $4 for wrapping paper
  • ~$8 for all screw hooks
  • $5 for spray paint


  • about an hour including dry time

I originally saw the idea from the now-not-in-publication Blueprint magazine.  (aw, how I miss it.)

I had some basic IKEA frames from before that I no longer use.  While choosing frames, you’d want one that has some depth.  The shallow frames that you usually see in stores don’t work as well.  Find something that’s like the “shadow box” or “display box”.

Step 1: wipe the original frame clean.  If you don’t like the original color, paint it with something that works with your paper color/pattern.  I spray painted mine red.

Step 2: take out the cardboard backings that came with the frames.

Step 3: cut the wrapping paper to slightly bigger than the cardboard backing.  Wrap the cardboard and secure it with tape, like you’re wrapping a present.

Step 4: screw in the hooks on the front side.  Place them at spaces that work for your jewelry lengths and widths.

Accessories shadow box (4)

Step 5: put the finished cardboard backs into the frames.  Then hang them on the wall!

I put my next to the mirror above my dressing, so I have the whole area like my vanity. 🙂