Candlestick Park Antiques and Collectibles Fair finds


  • $7 for 3 cute cups – sherry!
  • $10 for blue decanter
  • $20 for Scandinavian salt & pepper shaker set

Our 1st visit to the faire was pretty pleasant.  The offerings were similar to Alameda’s antique faire but much smaller. The more intimate size was also less intimidating and made it seem more manageable to check everything out before we got tired.   Yes, it does seem we keep buying items for alcohol consumption.  But hey!  any cool bar requires time and efforts to cultivate.

antique market cup


Toilet Paper Rolls turned wall art

I saw this post on Design *Sponge of this quick project from Tali and thought I can use some home made art to decorate my wall space 🙂


  • $0 for toilet paper rolls.  This wasn’t hard but just time consuming to gather all the rolls
  • $0 for scissors, pen, ruler, paint, glue, staple that I already had


  • 2 hour

Step 1: Collect your rolls and take off the remaining toilet paper pieces

Step 2:  cut each roll to roughly 5 equal parts

Step 3:  arrange the pieces in different patterns.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it, so I just started to play around.

Step 4:  painting the rolls with different colors.

I glued some of the mini rolls together first before I started painting.  That wasn’t too smart.  I would’ve been better off with my paint job if I had painted the rolls first, cut them, then arrange into the pattern I want, then glue them.

Step 5:  After glue and paint had dried, I used thumb tags to arrange the rolls on the wall.

A month later…